In our continuing effort to solve our power woes (our electronics keep getting zapped during storms) we finally got an electrician out who discovered that the pole at the street, which has a transformer, should have a line going from the box at the bottom into the ground but does not. This is interesting to me since we called the power company out last week and they told us everything was fine and we are expecting a bill from them for their service. The electrician will call the power company and get them to address this. He also will get us an estimate for a whole-house surge protector. So my question is whether this failure to have a ground wire at the pole was the likely culprit for our frequent power surges. As background, the house is 2.5 years old and we have always had power outages but recently started having things get fried (garage door openers, boiler Taco box, etc.)
Thanks for any input--