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Thread: Old Copper Pipe

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    Default Old Copper Pipe

    I cut off my toilet supply line and tried to install new pipe. The new pipe has a slightly smaller diameter than the old pipe. I have sanded and grinded on the old piep, but I cannot get it to fit. Is there a fitting to solve this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Default pipe

    Since that cannot happen if you did things correctly, we have to assume you cut off something you should not have. Until we know what you did, we cannot tell you if there is a way to correct the problem. But in plumbing, things either fit or they are the wrong size. There are few things that are "almost the right size".

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    Stop it! Stop it! You're making me laugh too hard.
    Yeah......I want to see a picture too of this.

    Ok, serious now, we really do want to see a picture.

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    This made me think, there's M, L & K copper pipe. They all have the same OD, but different ID, correct?

    The only other thing I can think of is that the pipe swelled for some reason.

    Of course, my only plumbing experience (other than DIY projects) was working in the plumbing department at Payless Cashways in college (man, you get some weird requests, then there's the kids that can't make it to the store bathroom......."where's the TP?".... ugh!!) and my current position as a CAD draftsman for a MEP Engineering firm working on the mechanical side of things, mainly plumbing and chilled/heating water systems (just finished a central plant addition for a university that had two 5000 tonne chillers piped with 18", 20", 24" and 30" piping, that was fun to draft!!!)

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