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Thread: New dishwasher install causes some water lines to stop working

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    Default New dishwasher install causes some water lines to stop working

    This is a strange one. I installed a new dishwasher myself and all seemed to work fine. After one wash, I noticed there is no hot water coming out of the 1/4 turn valve that supplies water to the dishwasher. There is no hot water to the kitchen sink either so the problem is before, most likely downstairs. Also there is no cold water coming out of the upstairs bathroom sink tap. All other lines work fine.

    I went to the basement, and followed the hot water line until it splits, one to the powder room, and the other to the kitchen sink. There is hot water to the powder room, and it seems that just after the split, that is wher the hot water stops.

    I am not able to find out where the cold water stops as the bathtub and toilet work in the upstairs bathroom, just not the cold water to the faucet.

    I am lost here, any advice would be much apreciated, thanks!

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    Do you have safety shut-off valves? If so, you'll need to re-set them. That's all I can think of.

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    disconnect all the supplies that are affected, from the fixture and one at a time turn the pressure on to blow them out. if you get no water from the supply, remove the supply and try blowing out the angle stop. work your way backward as far as you can.


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