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Thread: Finding a toilet replacement

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    Default Finding a toilet replacement

    After replacing our existing toilet with a Kohler Cimmaron, we are extremely unhappy because it does adequately clean the bowl. We are looking for a replacement two piece ADA compliant toilet with the feature both a good bowl wash and a powerful flush so we don't have to use a plunger! Please advise what is a good toilet that would meet our needs.
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    A good place to start looking is Terry's Report on Low Flow Toilets which is linked from the home page of this forum. It's no secret that Terry is a strong advocate of the Toto brand, but there are other decent choices available. I believe you have discovered that Kohler, like many other old line companies, has suffered quality decline and is trusting on their name familiarity to carry them.

    Toilet report
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    This one looks promising on the bowl wash, but not sure how powerful the flush is.

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    I also bought a Cimarron and got rid of it for the same reason that you mention. The rinse was horrible. I replaced it with the TOTO Drake ADA model. That was almost 2 years ago. The rinse covers all surfaces and I have not been able to plug it. I have as much faith in my Drake as I do my three 7-gallon antiques like the one pictured by my name!

    I once again credit Terry and this site for helping me solve a nearly 20 year problem in my upstairs bathroom!



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