"I have a fairly new irrigation system( 1 1/2 yrs old) with a gould 1.5hp irrigator pump, 5 zones and a spigot on the top with the usual check valve going into the pump. Its connected to a shallow well(90ft). Apparently my pump vibrated the 1 1/2" main bushing on top of the pump that goes to the zones, at the same time one of my main wires (black) shorted out from the vibrations. I had water shooting out the bushing so I sawed it off and put in a new one.Fixed the wiring problem also so I now have solid connections. Now I have very little pressure going to my zones, so little the heads won't pop up. Water bubbles up from the heads but won't pop up. I tried running the pump for 10 mins and turning on the spigot when I did water came out slowly but with air mixed in the line I also noted the water was HOT not like before. Could the pump impeller been affected when the pump shorted out? I live in Florida and we have had LOTS of rain so I don't think its the 1 1/2 yr old well. What happened to my pressure to the heads? Thank you in advance."