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    I installed a Toto Drake toilet in my house in June. Recently it started dripping constantly from the rubber tube into the overflow tube. The rate of dripping has increased almost daily to a steady drum beat. I have checked the filter on the Type A fill valve and it is clean. That was Toto tech support's only recommendation. What do you recommend, replacement of the fill valve, or something more simple? If replacement, what brand and where to get it?

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    I don't know which one is considered type A, but some have used the Korky style fill valve.

    Instructions are here

    If it's the Korky style, the $2.50 assmebly cap can be replaced.
    If it's the type with the screw adjustment, then replacing the fill valve with a Korky is the best solution. Lowes has them on the shelve, for $9.99
    They also carry the G-Max flappers.
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