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Thread: Qest Pex replumb

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    I have seen posts regarding the use of Qest Pex in residential plumbing but I have a question regarding my local area that hasn't been addressed. We live in Arizona and in the summer temperature reach up to 120*. We are going to replumb our house because it has 45 year old galvanized pipe that is leaking. If we could use the Pex for the replumb it would be much easier because all the pipes need to go through the attic.

    Will the Pex retain their integrity and hold up to the high temperatures in our attic? Also, what effect does sunlight (uv) have on the Pex?

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    I just worked on a house this morning that had PEX in the attic. Around here (PHX, AZ), all the PEX installations that I have seen are overhead. In the attic sunlight would not be a factor.


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