Just bought a house that the custom shower failed. The drain collar was warped, but we didn't want to chip out and replace the drain base. After looking all over town, where everyone carries Oatey; we ordered the parts from Plastic Oddities because that's the only one that fit the part we don't want to replace. We got it today; I am very disappointed in the quality of everything we got. One of the strainer screw holes has messed up threads. The collar won't engage the old part (which was better quality) at all, and it fits the new part so loosely that you can almost move it up and down just by wiggling it instead of screwing it up and down. I ordered the Nickel 5'' x 5'' Square Ring and 4'' Nickel Strainer. The finish is horrible and the two parts don't lie flush with each other. Some of the edges that stick up are so sharp that I fear cutting my feet while showering. Does anyone else make what they call the PBR400? I feel like I just wasted $40 and a week's worth of time. Everything on this drawing on http://store.podirect.com/servlet/Detail?no=605 seems to agree with what I can measure with a micrometer on the old parts.