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Thread: Moen shower no cold water

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    Default Moen shower no cold water

    We built our house 6 years ago and our shower faucet is Moen. When we turn the faucet on in our children's bathtub, we only get hot water. I've checked and both hot and cold water are plumbed to the faucet. It has one handle that, when off, points to 6:00. As you turn the faucet from what should be cold to hot, you just get hot water to very hot water. I've taken the faucet apart, and taken the two little white plastic disks with serrated edges off the stem. I can't find what I need to turn to make an adjustment to the temperature.

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    The temp. stop cams on the stem only limit the upper hot temperature limit. Sounds like a Positemp, and the cartridge has a balancing spool inside it, which is stuck. You should replace that cartridge.

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    OK, thanks, now what is the cartridge?

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    Go to Moen's website and look at the instructions...the cartridge is the guts of the valve, which is replaceable.
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    I took the clip off, then attempted to remove the cartridge. About a one inch piece of it, just past the first ring, where it had broken, pulled out easily. No wonder it didn't work! What is the best way to get the rest of it out? I can get ahold of it with needle nosed pliers, but it won't budge.


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