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Thread: Round vs Elongated

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    Default Round vs Elongated

    We just installed our Toto Ultramax Round toilet yesterday. Love that flush! In hind sight, I wish we had gotten the elongated. The round soft close seat opening seems very small - almost looks like a kid's potty training seat! I bought round because we've always had a round and hubby never complained. We also have a door directly opposite the toilet (second entrance into bedroom) and I was afraid of conflict there - it would fit but I was afraid it would be too close. Anyway, we'll know better for next time (still have a cranky old toilet in our 1/2 bath). Otherwise, all is great - a really nice looking product and the flush is just amazing!

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    Oh no, my Ultramax is being delivered tomorrow. I'm tight on space in that bath too so I too chose the round. Oh well, at least none of us are to big in the behind.

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    Smile Round vs elongated

    Despite it's size, my husband really likes this toilet - he went to work bragging about it yesterday! He says it is very comfortable and has plenty of space. My 13 year old daughter says she doesn't like the curved seat, but she's prone to complaining about any changes anywhere, so I'm not putting too much credence in that! I like it; it does take a bit of getting used to.

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    My Ultramax arrived today - I never thought I'd be so excited about having a toilet delivered, what has my life become? Won't be installed for a week or two though. I compared the Toto seat with the Bemis seat on our 20 yr old round front, the holes are the same size from what I can tell.

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    Default optical illusion

    maybe the whole (ha! hole) seat issue is an optical illusion. Didn't compare it to my old one (as it is now sitting outside under a foot of snow!). I know what you mean about being excited about a toilet. Oh well, simple pleasures for simple folks! Enjoy it when it's installed!

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    You might check the dimensions of the seat/lid. Some brands/models have bigger openings, both side to side as well as front to rear, just learned that the hard way with the first seat I bought for my new elongated toilet. It seemed no better than my round old one till I returned the seat I had bought and measured and bought a better designed one.

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    A round bowl toilet is not the best choice if an adult male will be using it regularly. How to put this....? If he's not careful when he's sitting things will touch the inside of the bowl and or seat... a very disconcerting and cold feeling.


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