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Thread: Kitchen GFCI Problem

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    Thanks to all for the help.

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    There are valid reasons to use 2 GFCI outlets with one downstream from the other, BUT you need to daisy chain the second one from the LINE side so that each outlet is protected by its own GFCI and tripping the firs does not disable the second. I had a situation where there were 3 outlets in a daisy chain fed from the first. It was necessary that the 3rd outlet Not trip out from a fault upstream because it needed to be failure safe. I installed a GFCI in the first outlet and daisy chained to the LINE terminals to the second, I tapped the 3rd Non GFCI outlet to the LINE terminals of the second one. The result was 2 GFCI outlets each protecting itself and the 3rd Non GFCI outlet protected from failure of either of the 2 upstream outlets tripping out.


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