I am currently remodeling and am trying to fix what was done by the previous homeowner. At this point I'm trying to figure out what my options are. I have a "U" shaped kitchen. It has a sink straight ahead (on the bottom of the U). The range and fridge are on one side and a dishwasher is on the other side of the U.

The previous owner installed a dishwasher after putting the kitchen in. The tricky part is that they didn't put it next to the sink, they put it to the left of the sink around the corner (on a side of the U). The water for the dishwasher doesn't come from the sink, it comes up through the floor from the basement where it has its own little line running off of the water that goes to the clothes washing machine. The drain for the dishwasher runs through the floor and goes to the same drain as the clothes washer in the basement.

Of course I know that I need to relocate these to under the sink, which is my plan. I was also going to try to move the dishwasher so that it is on the same part of the kitchen as the sink (directly next to the sink cabinet). As far as I can tell, the reason they didn't put the dishwasher next to the sink is because when it was originally built the drain line for the sink ran through the first cabinet (where you would ideally see a dishwasher).

So, now I am wondering..... is there any way I can get that drain relocated to directly under the sink? I would of course pay a plumber to do that kind of work, but I don't want to have somebody come out and tell me it is next to impossible or cost prohibitive. I am also considering putting in entirely new cabinets, and am wondering if this is the way to go considering the mess that the plumbing currently is. I am on a budget though and just want things to look nice and work properly. The cabinets that are in now are ugly old dark wood and are not in that good of shape as it is. We were considering painting them, but are having second thoughts on that plan.

Any words of sage advice? Thanks for your time.