I had my water heater replaced last December with a Ruud PH2-40PF (the old one finally got a leak). I replaced my furnace and A/C about a month ago - the A/C died and the furnace was about 30 years old.

Anyway, the new furnace is a 95% direct vent model and all I have on the current chimney is the WH. At some point, I'd like to remove the chimney (the house is 50 years old - I think the current chimney is just metal vent pipe with no brick).

Is there any way to add a power vent to this model, or does the unit need to be replaced with one that was designed for a power vent from the factory? Thanks!

I will say right now that I had a draft vent unit installed since the old one was under home warranty and I couldn't afford the cost difference at the time. A new WH for $60 installed was a good deal in the winter.