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Thread: Tub faucet still leaking

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    Question Tub faucet still leaking

    Thanks in advance for your response. I have a 35 year old three knob tub faucet that leaked when I bought the house. I have replaced the stems and seats for both the hot and cold water and it still leaks. Any advice on what to try next?


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    Where is it leaking from? Around the stems, through the tub filler, from the shower head, down the wall?
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    Through the tub filler.

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    Did you replace the seat and washer on the center diverter? ( If it has them.) A column of water remains in the shower pipe after use. If the diverter is leaking, it will drip even if the hot and cold valves are sealed. (Not a pro.)

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    The center diverter is fine.

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    Default faucet

    If the seats are correct, there is no reason for new washers to leak, so the problem may be with the seats. What is the brand of faucet. If it is the correct one, there may be a better repair for it.


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