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Thread: What do I use to plug this drain in my floor?

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    Default What do I use to plug this drain in my floor?

    I just removed an old crappy shower stall that was in my basement. There was obviously a floor drain plumbed to it.

    I want to plug this hole. What do I use? It's 4" in diameter.

    The concrete is tapered towards that hole but I don't really care about that. I'm not going to patch it and try to make it smooth and level. Never know when I'll have to put a shower or toilet back again.


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    They do make mechanical plugs if you want it temorary.

    Or you could plug the pipe with newpaper and pour a concrete patch over it.
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    Thanks for the reply and info.

    I'll stop by Home Depot and pick up one of those plugs.

    I suppose I could always pour concrete over the plug if I feel the need to level it out.


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