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Thread: Sizing pipe for a new hose bib

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    Default Sizing pipe for a new hose bib

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    I'm about to install a new hose bib so that I don't have to drag a 75' hose around the yard anymore. The location for the new hose bib is about 25' from the nearest 3/4" cold water branch. This existing branch serves the kitchen sink, a bar sink, and an existing backyard hose bib.

    Which one of the following is the best approach?:

    a) Insert a 3/4" Tee in this branch and run 3/4" pipe to within a few feet of the hosebib and then reduce to 1/2" pipe to serve the hose bib.

    b) Insert a 3/4" Tee in this branch and run 1/2" pipe to the new hose bib.

    Or, should I avoid this branch completely and run 3/4" pipe to a location closer to the meter entrance (which is about 40' from the new hose bib location)?


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    The hosebib is considered 2.5 fixture units. 1/2" would be fine for it.

    I have also run them with 3/4", but it was mainly to slow the water through the pipe. Less speed, less noise.
    I notice that the last one I installed in my home, which was run with 1/2" PEX, is very quiet.
    The previous ones that are run with copper 1/2" make more noise.
    All three are washerless Legend frostfree hosebibs.

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