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Thread: Bell end pvc

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    Default Bell end pvc

    Good morning. Just wondering if it matters which way the 'bell' end of the pipe is installed, upstream or downstream. This is 3/4" pvc from the meter to the house. Thanks for comment. Roshe

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    Doesn't really matter with a water supply line. The PVC primer and glue will chemically "weld" the joint, so it will be sealed permanently. If it were a drain line, the end of the pipe in the bell might tend to snag stuff coming at it, however. (Just my opinion.)

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    Default bell end

    Just a point of reference. PVC S&D sewer pipe fitting are mostly bell ends on all the openings so at least one will always be "against" the flow.

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    Thanks for your responses. Got it in the ground and looking good. Roshe


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