I Plan to install a 34x54 Swantone Shower pan as part of my remodeling job.

Unfortunately, Swanstone's instructions are, quite simply, awful. (For example, they recommend plain drywall under the tile wall!)

So here is my plan, and I am looking for confirmation that I am on the right track.

1. Rough in drain. (Not a problem, easy garage access).

2. Set shower pan in mortar bed for stability, level/shim as needed.

3. Screw flange to studs? Swanstone is silent on this - but it make sense to me.

4. Fir strip studs to account for flange width.

5. Vapor barrier, over flange.

6. Durock, over flange.

Tile, grout, etc.

Am I on track?

Thanks in advance for any advice.