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Thread: Rainbird ISM-9 error code

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    Default Rainbird ISM-9 error code


    We moved into a house with a sprinkler system. Hooray!
    The sprinkler system wouldn't work. Boo!
    I installed a new Rainbird ISM-9 timer and it worked. Hooray!
    Just came back from vacation and the lawn is brown. Boo!

    The timer reads err and what looks to be a capital M or could be a backwards 7 and a forwards 7.

    I looked on the rainbird site and in my manual and can't find that code.

    Does anyone know what this means?


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    I've got an ISM-9 also. No problems so far with mysterious error messages. Maybe it got zapped? Any thunderstorms in the area when you were on vacation? Have you tried disconnecting both the transformer and the battery, waiting for 5 minutes then plugging the transformer back in?

    Hey, a hard reset is always a good thing for electronics. It reminds that little computer of who the real boss is...

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    Thanks for the suggestion of a hard reset. I tried that several times and it didn't help.

    I found the "Err M" in the manual, on an obscure page. The code has something to do with a master valve.

    Since I have no clue what to do with that, a call to the irrigation dude is on my agenda for tomorrow.

    Thanks again!

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    Keep in mind that you can manually open and close your zone valves until you correct this problem. In fact, you may have a stuck valve and opening and closing them manually may solve your problem.

    The valves are usually located in green valve boxes in the ground.

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    Thank you for the advice.

    I will give it a try.


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