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Thread: A simple question

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    Default A simple question

    I've been reading the threads posted here and I tell you just from what I've read, I have been able to solve all of my problems but one.

    What side of the pump does the psi gage go. Intake or out?

    Please advice,

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    The pressure switch and guage usually go between the pump output and the pressure tank, and usually closer to the tank than the pump.

    If the suction side of the pump had any guage at all, it would be for vacuum rather than pressure.

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    The output or pressure side of the pump is where the gauge should be located.


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    Thanks guys. You've been a great help. My project has come to a close. The gauge is set to 40 PSI to turn the system off and a differential of 20 PSI to turn it on. All systems are a go.

    Thanks for the forum and thanks for your help.



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