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Thread: Kenmore ultra 800 water softener problem

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    Cool Kenmore ultra 800 water softener problem

    I have two problems with my kenmore water softener...one is the water in the salt tank will not drain and the water in the house taste really salty. I have replaced the venturi gasket and cleaned that whole thing and tried to drain the water by forcing it in the brine cycle with the transformer unplugged with no luck of getting the salt water level in the brine tank to go down. I talked with kenmore and they said it might be the Oring Kit for Distributor ( Riser ) pipe and valve to tank. My question is i'm not quite sure how to get to that set of orings ? Can I dissamble the valve top assembly and replace the oring set of 3 or do I have to shut the water off and disconnect the valve assembly from the main, or is this even the problem? Any help would be much appreciated as I'm trying to avoid calling them to replace orings and gaskets and pay $300 plus dollars. I just can;t seem to visualize how to get to those orings without disrupting the main water supply. I hope that I can get to it by throwing the bypass and dissassembling the top valve assy?


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    You're on the right track but click the link below before you tear it apart and watch the animations as to how the thing works and then the troubleshooting section.

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    Click Here to learn how to correctly size or program a water softener.
    CAUTION, as of Nov 12 2013 all YouTube videos showing how to rebuild a Clack valve have an error in them that can cause damage.


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