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    When connecting a 3" horizontal waste line from a toilet into the main 3" line using a combination fitting, what angle does the combination fitting have to be. Does it have to be positioned so it is 45 degrees or greater on the main line? Thanks in advance.

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    Default clarify

    catk9 believe it or not, your original question was even more confusing.

    What angle (how many degrees) does a combo make?

    Then, tell me please how that fitting is to be oriented in space so that it makes a 45 degee angle with something else oriented in space. Be real clear about what is horizontal and vertical and then, diagonal (or 45) with respect to what else. Please.


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    I will try to describe it better. The 3" ABS waste pipe from the toilet is dropping straight down thru the floor to a combination tee & wye. There is a clean out on one end of the combination and on the other end is a 6 foot section of 3" that is horizontal. The vent comes off between the toilet and the combination. The main waste line is running some what perpendicular to the 6' section of 3" pipe. I will be attaching the 6' piece to the main line using the comination tee & wye. The long sweeping part of the combination fitting will be connected to the 6' piece. At what angle does the combination fitting have to be when I connect them. Zero would be if it was laying on the ground and 90 degrees, it would be sticking straight up. Is this any clearer?

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    your drain lines need to have at least 1/4" per foot of fall, so your connection should maintain at least that. You could roll that combo on a 22, 45 or 90 (straight up and down) if needed.

    I'm still a little confused about your question, I hope this helps. Pictures are always great.


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    Thanks Brent. Yes it does help. I didn't know if I could roll the combination down to as far as 22. I thought there might be a code that said it had to be at the 45 or greater. If I can roll it over to 22, I can then get the required drop of 1/4 per foot. Thanks again.

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    I think you're thinking of vent connections - they do need to be kept at 45* or steeper.

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    Thanks frenchie.

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    You will need a wye fitting if it is on the horizontal.
    That is a 45 degree change of dirction.

    A santee is not right for that.
    You can use a santee, if you are going from horizontal to vertical.
    But not horizontal to horizontal.

    A combination fitting is like a wye and a 45 together.

    If the wye fitting or a combination fitting is used, you can tilt them like BAPlumber mentioned.
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    Thanks Terry and everyone else for your help. I understand now.


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