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Thread: Replace Moen Shower Cartridge Question

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    Question Replace Moen Shower Cartridge Question

    Would a plumber be able to replace the cartridge of a Moen shower faucet (the one handle variety) with a dripping problem if they didn't know the model number. I am assuming they could just take it apart and tell by looking at the cartridge?

    Approx. (I know there is a price difference in area, etc.) how much would this cost?

    Thanks, Ruby

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    Yes,they would.
    The price could be anywhere from 100 to 500$.

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    Oh, come on - $500, really. I would never have a plumber out who would charge so much. Maybe in New York City or London

    I asked hubby tonight and he said the guy he wants me to call charges $85/hour which, I think, includes the trip charge. Couldn't possibly take more than an hour to replace one cartridge. Well, unless the whole apparatus fell apart as soon as he unscrewed the handle


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