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Thread: Ok to use 90 degree bend in 1 1/2" drain?

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    Default Ok to use 90 degree bend in 1 1/2" drain?

    I'm replacing some galvanized pipes with PVC and I need to figure out the best layout for the turns.

    A 1 1/2" galvanized pipe is coming out of a tub-shower and goes horizontally about 3 feet with a small (1/8) bend to the left, it then makes an 1/8 bend to the right and then a 90 degree turn to the right.
    It is then connected with a vertical 1 1/2 inch sink drain and continues horizontally about 3 feet to the main vertical stack.

    Due to space issues I cannot replace the entire galvanized pipe with PVC, so I have to cut the galvanized pipe either right after the shower-tub where it is straight, or in the first 1/8 bend to the left.
    I would then replace that part until after the connection with the vertical sink drain.
    Can I use a 90 degree bend, or would that create problems?
    A picture is attached to make the situation a bit more clear.

    Thank you!
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    Up here in Canada, it's OK to use a 90 on a trap arm, and only a trap arm. You should be good to go.
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    long radius bend or short radius (tight) bend? Looks like a tight bend in the drawing.


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    There is actually quite a bit of room, and I purchased the longer bend, it is the version that has a cleanout too. (I'm not sure if this makes sence, but it is a long 90* bend, so I hope that will be fine.
    Sorry for the poor drawing...


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