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Thread: Whirlpool with shower

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    Default Whirlpool with shower

    I want to switch out my bathtub for a whirlpool (American Standard Lifetime) but the bathtub area is also a shower. Does anyone know MN Code and whether it is permissible to install a whirlpool bath in conjunction with a shower head?

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    There should be no problem unless you have some wacky local code that forbids it.

    Pennsylvania has a law that says "you may not sing in the bathtub".

    In Vermont the law says "All residents shall bathe on Saturday night".

    I guess that is so you can go on a date and smell good.

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    I am doing the exact think you want to do.... i bought an American Standard Lifetime 2645l. it is designed to be a drop in.. i am putting it in a 6 foot cove area although the tub is 5.5 feet.

    it will be surrounded by durarock and then subway tile.

    i am replumbing now.... i also got a nice American Standard valve and a brass drain.

    i am doing other bathroom infrastructure work now... it will be probably two months before the tub is in.

    my house is from 1930...you should have seen the previous disasters when i removed an old shower stall.

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    If you can, put the shower head at the drain end of the tub. Otherwise the angled back of the tub gets in the way, just a bit, when you are trying to stand under the shower.


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