I've read thread after thread and done TONS of other research about what's going on w/ my system. This is what's happening: after about 1.5 minutes of running water the pump kicks on, runs for approx. 10 seconds, cuts off, the water will run for approx. 1.5 mins, the pump kicks back on, etc. Even flushing a toilet will make the pump kick on. I think it's running too often. This has been happening at least the past 2 months, maybe 3. The pump is NOT short-cycling, there are no leaks in the system. I can use a tire gage to check the pressure in the pressure tank--48lbs. (I've turned the pump off and ran all the water out of the system and it still reads 48lbs.) There are no gages on my system to determine what the "cut-in" and "cut-out" pressures are, so I'm running blind here. Really, I'm thinking the switch needs to be adjusted, but I don't have a clue which way to turn it to keep my pump from kicking on so often. I feel like I have too much pressure in my system. The well used to supply my in-laws who live UP HILL so, I'm guessing they put this much pressure in the tank so they'd have....pressure, but it seems since they've drilled a new well, this problem w/ the pump cutting on and off so often, is occuring more often and I have more pressure than seems necessary. So, what I really want to know is which way to turn the pressure switch, clockwise or counter-clockwise, to keep the pump from kicking on so often. And any other advice will be greatly appreciated. This is THE BEST forum I've come across!