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    I have been trying to find a complete drawing of a water system from well to house that shows how the system parts all go together. That drawing would include items from the well, pump, pressure tank, holding tank, pump to house, filters, check valves and fittings using PVC piping. I am in the process of changing out my system that went from well to house (100 ft) to a system that will go from well to holding tank (300 ft 50 ft climb) and then to house. I am also trying to find a LOW VOLTAGE RELAY SWITCH that goes from 12 or 24 volt to turning on 240 volt for the 1 HP pump at well. I will have a float switch in the tank with the low voltage relay switch 300 ft down in the well house. There will also be a HP pump from holding tank to house that will work off of a pressure switch. I want to run low voltage from holding tank to main pump to operate the 1 HP well pump. The pump house has high voltage 240, 30 amp breaker box.

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    You can try these two tutorials (if they're online right now).
    Good LucK!

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    Why are you pumping to a cistern? Is your well a low yield well? If not, I would let the submersible do all the work and not use a second pump.

    I tried both of Mike's links and they are both down right now. You can look at the one on my site. It's not the greatest but might give you an idea or two.

    Submersible pump hookup


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    Try http://www.do-it-yourself-pumps.com/

    Don't know the company but their site sure gives a lot of info about the bits and pieces to get water from the hole in the ground to your faucet.

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    I have bought windmills etc from Dean Bennett Supply, they are always helpfull, have an expert available to help you figure it out. And there is always SpeedBump.


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    Thanks for the info.. I found a complete system drawing at American Tank Company. Still looking for a relay switch (low voltage pump control switch).
    Also my well has concrete tile about 36" dia. and about 14 feet deep. My pumps are ABOVE GROUND jet pumps. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE INFO...


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