A new member and DIY'er here. I am having to replace several galvanized pipes in my old house. I have created a preliminary system that I have not yet attached to my main system. I am using Zurn PEX and Sharkbite fittings. I am running it parallel to the existing pipes and using zip ties tor temproary support. I have tested this system attaching it to my garden hose, to check for leaks. Despite the positive feedback I have seen in this forum for Sharkbite my system had numerous leaks. I replaced the sharkbite tee or elbows depending on what leaked and the inner white sleeve ( or whatever it is called) often came out with the pipe when detached.
Most of the pex I am using is 3/4" with the occasional 1/2" line off for use to attach to a fixture.
What am I doing wrong? I do not want to use this combination in my house when the time comes to really replace the pipes if it does not work.
Maybe this is what comes from my work in building haunted attractions, my own home wants to look like the Munsters place with dust and leaks