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Thread: Double vanity with single center drain?

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    Default Double vanity with single center drain?

    Any major issues with using a double kitchen sink drain setup with a double vanity?

    Like: http://www.geocities.com/saldnm/double_sink_drain.gif

    Converting a single to a double, and would like to avoid doing a lot of damage since the room is fine other than the countertop and sink..

    Oddly enough I seemed to luck out with the water supply though, they seemed to be roughed in for a double since I have supply lines on both sides, and they just are connected to one and the others capped.

    Not really fond of all the slip joints under there and it all lining up. Just wasn't sure if for some reason this is highly discouraged for vanities


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    We usually connect double vanities that way here....one trap, one outlet into the stack. In some areas, and when you talk to other plumbers, separate traps and separate connections to the stack are preferred. I will admit that the set up you have probably drains a little slower, but don't see it as a big issue. I use all inch and a half below the pop-up, rather than any inch and a quarter.

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    In UPC country, the maximum, distance allowed between center lines of two bowls hooked together into one trap is 30".


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