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And what about heat? You put enough of AFCI and GFCI breakers in a panel and the panel gets pretty warm, if not hot. This is another growing problem, and if the next code cycle expands AFCI onto more circuits, we may end-up with buildings burning down. Ins't that what AFCI is supposed to prevent?

All that being said, in my own home, nearly every single breaker in my home is AFCI (or GFCI) protected, well beyond code requirement. EVERY lighting circuit is AFCI, and nearly every receptacle circuit that is not GFCI is AFCI... living room, dining room, hallways, finished basement, attic, and so forth. My smoke, security, and emergency lighting circuit, however, is not AFCI.

So now that you have done that with you own panel are you concerned about burning down your house?