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Thread: On the radio Wed 8:00 AM KISS 106.1 FM

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    Default On the radio Wed 8:00 AM KISS 106.1 FM

    That's me on the left holding my camcorder.

    Jamie and his band has been asked to play on the Jackie and Bender Show on KISS 106.1 FM Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM

    Be sure to turn in and listen.

    It will be a nice warm-up before they do their video shoot later in the day.

    New video added 7/18/2007
    Kiss video here

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    That new instrument in that song really added a lot to the melody.

    Cincinnati lacks any decent radio station where they cater to the up and coming bands anymore. We only have 102.7 WEBN and you get 15 commercials for every 1 song they play, all their music is royalty contract music that they've played the same songs from the same older rock bands for years.

    We lost 97.3 FM when Howard Stern left the airwaves. The radio station struggled to gain listeners even though they had a raunchy morning show afterwards.

    It turned into a country music station by year's end. Somebody with 10 million and the desire to bring back alternative rock will hit it big if they can go 10 years in this area.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.


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