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Thread: Pex in salty environoment...

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    Question Pex in salty environoment...

    Just got off the phone with my Uponor rep. Question:

    If you have a job where you have to make a connection to a water supply line, and this connection is on occasion flooded with salt water (crawl space that occasionally, say 6 times a year or more) gets flooded with salt water would you:

    1) Use plastic (EP) fittings in wet areas or would you use brass?

    2) Would you feel safe in using the ProPex method (expansion tool) for this job?

    Uponor rep says:

    They don't know if brass is good idea, but ep would be fine. They also say that the AquaPex and the expansion ring would both be fine in that application.

    I'm curious to hear what you guys think.

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    I know AquaPex makes both brass and plastic expansion (barbed) fittings for potable water...I'd avoid metal at all cost on salty water.
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