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Thread: Video shoot for Webcast the movie, Hilary Mesnick & Jamie Love

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    Default Video shoot for Webcast the movie, Hilary Mesnick & Jamie Love


    Jamie Love
    Hilary Mesnick
    Jason Shavey
    Mike Wuellner
    Lui Williams

    Kirkland Washington, doing the scene at the end of the dock.
    These guys flew up from Californial for the shoot.
    The scene was of the unhappy couple.

    It's Sunday, and for the next few days, Jamie will be shooting a video for a movie.
    I will be shooting a behind the scenes of how it's being done.

    You can see some of the details here

    The official Webcast the Movie music video

    "Making the video" Columbia City Theater Video Shoot with Hilary Mesnick.
    Footage taken of the crowd shots. It was a fun day, more going on then just the video. It was more like a party. This YouTube video runs about 10 minutes and includes many closeups of the people in the video. If you are on this page to see Hilary, this is a good youtube video to watch. You see a bit of her personality here. It does look a lot better on DVD though, if you would like a copy, just email me.
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