I have a 13 year old SquareD pumptrol type FSG2 pressure switch which recently started exceeding the cut out setting. I believe it was previously set at 40/60. Last night I discovered water leaking from the check valve. It appears that the switch isn't recognizing the increase in pressure properly and is now shutting off around 80+ psi. It does however cut in properly at 40 psi. I've tried adjusting the differential with little to no success. From what I've read here, it seems that either it's time to replace the switch or possibly the inlet to the switch may be clogged. My well guy can't come until next week and I'd rather not wait. So instead of calling around for other people, I'm considering doing it myself. For those who have replaced a switch before, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with one being easy) how would you rate this job? I consider myself pretty handy and have done other plumbing (no soldering skills though) and electrical projects. I'd appreciate any advice or information on things to watch out for. Thanks in advance.