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Thread: Toilet that doesn't use a refill tube?

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    Default Toilet that doesn't use a refill tube?

    sorry - i'm a plumbing moron....
    i just installed a Fluidmaster fill valve. It comes with a refill hose that goes from the fill valve to above the top of the overflow tube: i looked around on the net and everything i've found says it's there to refill the bowl.
    BUT - none of the other toilets in the house (nor this bowl originally) have a tube squirting water down the overflow tube yet somehow the bowls refill.
    Since replacing the valve the toilet refills slower: if i clip the tube on backwards so it's aimed into the bowl it's slow, if it's aimed down the overflow tube (per installation instructions) it's even slower!
    40 seconds for the other toilets, 60 seconds with the tube aimed into the bowl and 90 seconds if it's aimed down the overflow tube.
    Will i really have dookie all over the floor if i don't use the damn refill tube?

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    Default toilet

    No. Those toilets are designed so that the final water for the flush falls back into the bowl to refill it.

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    I'm wondering if you may have a flow restriction. It shouldn't take that long to fill the tank.

    If you used a standard flexible supply line with compression nut, and you then added the beveled rubber seal that comes with the fluidmaster kit, that could cause a flow restriction.

    Or maybe some crud worked its way loose, and when you turned the water back on, it partially plugged the fill valve.

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    thanks for the responses -
    no, it had a steel supply line that i replaced with a flex line and i bought a replacement seal that is sort of cone shaped like the original one was (the seal that goes on the bottom of the fill valve inside the tank that is) -
    other than slow refills it seems to be working ok.


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