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Thread: Sign of Leakage?

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    Default Sign of Leakage?

    I live in a condo and the unit below me is recieving a water leak in their bathroom (below my toilet). There was no visable sign of leak but the superintendant said that it was most likely the ring under the toilet has broken its seal. I've replaced it with a wax ring that had a sleeve that had 40% more wax than the standard, so hopefully that has fixed it. What I was wondering if anyone could tell me from the pictures attached if it appears that the seal in fact actually did leak.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can't tell from a picture of a wax ring and a toilet flange (after the fact) if you had a bad seal. The only way to tell is by flushing the toilet and looking for the leak.

    If your leak goes away, then you know that resetting the toilet fixed it. If it still leaks, you need to troubleshoot some more.

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    Hmmm, thats too bad. Oh well I guess the people downstairs will have to wait and see =).

    Thanks anyways!

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    Judging from the pic of the wax ring the toilet was never sealed right by it.

    There appears to be only minimal contact from the toilet on one side of the wax ring.

    I would guess that you need to install 2 wax rings, one on top of the other to obtain a water / air tight seal.

    The second ring should not have the plastic horn and needs to be securely pressed into the first wax ring by hand or use 2 wax rings with no horne.

    When you set the toilet you should be able to feel the wax compressing between toilet and floor and finally the toilet will contact the floor and feel solid.

    Be sure the underside of the toilet bowl is clean and dry so the new wax makes good contact.


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