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Thread: Wiring schematic needed

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    Default Wiring schematic needed

    I bought a new circuit board for my Goodman GMP100-4 furnace (the blower came on and off periodically without command for heat or air). The new board B1809913 did not come with a wiring schematic. Everything seemed straight forward in connecting but the air conditioning won't come on.

    I contacted Aairco where I bought it in San Diego and they do not have it. I contacted Goodman Furnace and was told that their legal dept won't release it to a home owner.

    The big question is: does anyone have a wiring schematic for this board or a picture that shows placement of wires.

    It is only slightly different than the original but the schematic on the side panel i s torn and unreadable.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Possible sources of help:


    see thumbnails at bottom.



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