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Thread: Hole in Septic Tank

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    Smile Hole in Septic Tank

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
    I'm closing on the house next door to me on Monday. This afternoon, I decided to cut the front lawn at the house. I basically tripped over a six inch by two inch opening in the lawn. I peered down into it thinking, "Oh crap, that is an open septic tank." I stuck a stick in it to see how full it was. The stick got wet about six inches down. I called the owner and told him about it. He told me it was drained out a few months ago. (I remember seeing the truck) He said instead of digging down to the cap and going in that way, they put a hole in the concrete tank itself and he forgot to put the metal piece over it to keep the dirt out. My question is; Should I tell him he needs to have it drained again? How damaged is the tank now because of these people damaging the tank making a hole? AND...How damaged is the tank now that rain water and dirt have been going down into the tank for the past few months?
    Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!

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    You are buying that broken, open tank? Hello! Most sales around here need a certification inspection for 150$ before closing. NOBODY breaks holes in a septic tank! ever, period. Its probably a buried '68 Buick with a hole in the roof.

    Call the health dept and ask them that question. I would be closing after the tank was completely exposed and pumped and certified. Or take a 5000$ discount and do it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raucina
    Its probably a buried '68 Buick with a hole in the roof.
    Lots of dull posts in here about Pumps & Wells & such (!) but this one stands out!

    C'mon scaricatladi tell us how this ends!!!


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