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Thread: Basement Flushing Problem

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    Default Basement Flushing Problem

    Some time ago I had a bathroom installed in my basement. I continue to have problems getting the toilet to flush properly and clear everything out of the bowl. The plumber that did the work is very little help. I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of what questions I could ask or what I can do to get a toilet that will completely flush on a regular basis.

    Also, would anyone recommend the Flushmate system or the Toto Ultramax as a possible fix for this situation?
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    The plumbing could be fine, it might just be a poorly performing toilet. What model and brand is it? Have you checked the performance specs that Terry has on his site? The quality of the flush varies significantly from model to model. Course, if the plumbing has problems, a great toilet may not help, either.
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    Default Basement flushing problem

    Thanks for the response. The current toilet is an American Standard, 1.6gpf.

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    You can check the MaP testing on your toilet.

    I rate toilets below and at the top rated toilet, the Toto Drake, you will see a click for the MaP report too.

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    Default Basement Flushing Problem

    Thanks Terry. Your site has been very helpful. Looks like there will be a "Drake" in my future. If I understand correctly, it was rated higher than the Ultramax but is a two piece as opposed to one piece. Since it is going in the basement for my teenagers, I feel OK about ordering a two pice.

    Sorry you do not ship outside WA!


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