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Thread: "Life Time" Warranty Water Heaters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo
    I saw a copper water heater once. It was around 1997 plus or minus. The house dated from pre=WWII. !

    Must be from that era. The person who said they had one of these also had a house built in the late 30's early 40's

    Quote Originally Posted by hj
    Servel made the copper water heaters and they also made gas fueled refrigerators.

    So they really did exist. Are they still being produced? IF so, by whom?

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    Default heaters

    Not since the early 50's.

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    Just a couple points off the top of my head.

    ~10 years ago, I remember picking up a water heater with an extended warranty at a supply house. I was supplied with a water heater and an overlay sticker to indicate the extended warranty.

    I look at extended warranties like this: Unless you are recieving a heater with a composite tank or a conventional heater with additional anodes, you are basically funding an annuity the company runs. You should not expect that your heater will last any longer than normal, you will only get extended coverage.

    Another nasty tidbit of information is in the warranty itself. The warranty start date is when the original heater was purchased. Lets say you purchase a water heater with a 6 year warrany, it fails after 3 years. The replacement heater only will only have a 3 year warranty (from the 1st unit). Let's say that heater fails after 3 years, it's replacement will be full price (and then the 6 year cycle will begin again).

    Companies also are now limiting warranties to the original purchaser, as noted above.

    Check out this link http://www.hotwater.com/bulletin/bulletin44.pdf concerning water heaters and softeners. Methinks that's where your problem lies.
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    I AM the original 1994 purchaser, so they are obligated to keep replacing this "lifetime warranty" junk as long as I'm living and using their warranty system under their rules (which I am). There was no time limit with the original purchase of this "lifetime" junk other than "lifetime". I may be 64, but I may have a little bit left.
    As I said, I will never have to buy another water heater in my life. LOL


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