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Thread: "Life Time" Warranty Water Heaters?

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    Default "Life Time" Warranty Water Heaters?

    In order to keep from regularly changing out my electric water heater located in the utility room inside our home, I brilliantly switched to a Whirlpool 50-gallon "Life Time" Warranty Model # EE3Z5ORD055V in Dec 1994. (It's just my wife and I, and a rare house guest, using it.)
    Yesterday, June 30, 2007, I removed the 4th and installed the 5th one in 12.5 years! I have the paperwork to prove it. I've never had a problem getting a free replacement authorization from Whirlpool or a new water heater from Lowe's, but it is a real hassle to pull out the old one, do a 90-mile round-trip to the nearest Lowe's to exchange it, and then install a new one so frequently.
    The replacement heater is "free", but that does not include any labor or expenses (I DIY anyway).
    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a reliable "Life Time" Warranty water heater? I average having to change out these Whirlpool wonders in less than 3 years each. Unbelieveable! The only plus is that I get the latest, more energy efficient version of that model.
    I'm just tired of dealing with this junk. LOL
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