Heres the current setup.

I just bought a 20 gallon (just 2 of us, no sprinklers, very little washing, we use very little water) Flexcon (thanks for the heads up on lesser brands). The current tank is leaking from the valve stem and i'm sick of pumping air back into.

Do i have to use ANY galvanized pipe or can i go 100% copper??? That is if i can get the correct fittings to work. I don't even see a dielectric union in the current setup! I plan on replacing all the current piping cause the threads look a little rusty. I did a search and couldn't come up with anything. Will also be replacing everything with ball valves (current setup has lots of gate valves that don't even turn!). Well is 60ft deep and the certificate i have says it was drilled in 1990, so the well pump is probably that old.