Hope this ok. I posted this on one of the other forums too.

I had a bad storm last night, but had water this morning. It was hot, but running rusty color. Tonight, I noticed rust color in the toilet. I ran all the faucets (rust and mud coming out) and then water stopped running. I noticed a pulsing noise from the crawl space which only stopped when I shut the electric off (the circuits that say sump pump and water). The noise isn't coming from the sump pump. The hot water heater is in the broom closet, but there is another big blue tank in the crawl space / basement. That's where the noise is coming from.

I have a well and holding tanks. I'm a new home owner and don't know what I'm doing. Is there any chance that this will all be better in the morning? If not, what do you think it is. I'd appreciate some quick answers. I think I'm in real trouble here.