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Thread: AC Blown Fuses at outdoor disconnect

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    Default AC Blown Fuses at outdoor disconnect

    Hello all,

    I have my AC comp. with an outdoor disconnect (picture attached), and the darned fuses keep blowing. Have had problems on and off for a few years, every few weeks or months it would blow. They are the time delay FNR-20 fuses meant for motor protection. Well, today I've gone through about 8 fuses, it blows every 30 minutes or so. Only the replacements go, so I am thinking that I probably have a bad batch of fuses. I even changed locations with the one that hasn't gone, and still, the replacement goes, not the old tried and true that has been in there working fine for about a year. I think it has something to do with dirty power here in the house, the fuse often goes after a slight light flicker. Flippo construction is a couple blocks away working on undergrounding of electrical lines, so my guess is that it is sorta Flippo's fault. So I am wondering, can I replace this outdoor device with a breaker type enclosure? Also, the box states 30 Amp, but I have two 20Amp fuses in it, this doesn't see right. Shouldn't I have two 15 Amp, or am I mistaken and should have two 30 Amp? The Comp.'s CB size at the main panel is 40 Amp. Thanks for the advice.
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