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Thread: Low Cutoff Pressure Switch?

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    Default Low Cutoff Pressure Switch?

    Hello. New here. New to this type of work. I have a problem. Looking for a solution.

    Specs that I know of: Well-X-Trol WX-250 with current tank air pressure of 15psi. A well and a pump that I know nothing of. Square D pressure switch, class 9013, right next to the tank.

    Here's what happened. A pipe broke. All the water ran out of the system. Then a fair amount of air bled out until the water valve that feeds that pipe was closed. At that point the pressure gauge on the main water line side of the system was at zero and will not recover.

    The breaker to the pump did not trip. The pressure switch will still get power if I turn the pump breaker back on (I turned it off to be safe).

    Previous history that is similar: This happened once before to the former tenant. A pump service company came out and fixed the problem stating: "check pump. Low cut off pressure switch was off. Pump and system ok." (I'm assuming this is a safety switch to keep the pump from burning out.)

    What can I do? Anything? Or do I just wait days for the same Pump Service Company to get out here?

    Where might I find the "Low cut off pressure switch" to turn it back on, if this is all that has happened. Is this part of the Square D switch? Is this right in front of my face and I can't see it?

    You all here on this forum seem great and full of helpful advice. Got any for me?


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    If it looks something like this one, the small lever on the side has to be lifted slightly to re-start the pump when the pressure is too low for the switch to do that normally.
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    Default Thank You, thank you for your answer

    Hey man, thank you, thank you, thank you for your answer to my post. I figured there was an easy solution and there was. Your answer was the solution. You are my hero and my savior of the day! I can now wash all the dishes my godsons created during the past 3 days, haha.

    I now have to recheck the switch on/off settings as I was messing with them. But, there's plenty of descriptions on how to do that here on this forum.

    Thank you again.


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