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Thread: Shower Stall Installation Measurements

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    Default Shower Stall Installation Measurements

    I am installing a basic shower stall (open at the top) and putting in an exhaust fan/light in the ceiling. In order to provide space above for the fan unit and the ducting, I will be reducing the finished height from floor of shower unit to ceiling to 7'1". I am thinking this is adequate but would appreciate any comment. Also, can anyone tell me the recommended standard height to place faucets and shower head outlet?

    Thanks in advance.

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    7 feet , while adquate for most of us, will look funny, and may be negatively looked upon at resale time. Are you not able to recess the fan/light in between existing ceiling joists?

    A fan/light directly over a shower or tub must be specifically UL listed for that application. Most that you find in the stores are NOT, but listed units are available . Ask to see the Broan or Panasonic catalog.

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    Default 7'

    In the "old days" ceilings were 8'-0" and the tubs had a 1' dropped ceiling to make the ceiling over the tub 7', so your plan is not unusual.

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    Thanks for your comments - much appreciated! For reasons I won't bore you with, it is much more practical to lower the ceiling than to try to get the fan unit any higher. By the way, the unit (Nutone) is approved for use in a shower stall provided I use a GFI protected circuit.

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    7" height in shower is good. It's not unusual, IMO. BTW, steam showers are made with low ceilings to keep more heat and steam near the users; ceiling height is included in calculations sizing the unit. Putting your humidity fan inside the shower is a good idea too, IMO. Close to the source. To make the header box look real good when viewed from outside the shower, what about sloping slightly its vertical side and putting a full size mirror on it? Tilted a little downwards it'll act as a wall-to-wall mirror strip reflecting the top half of occupants and it won't double the view of the ceiling lights and fixtures.



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