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Thread: 45 year old house/toilet replace

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    The four bolts are not all for the floor flange.
    What they usually did was had the two for the flange and two coach screws screwed into the sub floor securing the bowl to the floor.

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    Default 45 year old house/toilet replace

    I've got a 45 year old house with a toilet that has 4 closet bolts. The bolts have rusted through and the subfloor under the toilet needs to be replaced (obviously). I haven't actually pulled the toilet off yet to see what's there, but most modern toilets have two bolts instead of 4. Since I'm pretty much starting from scratch by putting in a new subfloor, is there a flange that I can buy to convert this to a more modern 2 bolt hookup? If so, what is it called and what do you recommend?


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