Did a search for this, but didn't find anything. Sorry if I missed something.

Recently bought a house that was built in 1958. My father and I ran a wire to the basement for a new dryer that is replacing the gas fired one that was there previously.

Added a 30amp double pole breaker, and wired up a 4 wire outlet in the basement. The voltage meter reads 120 coming out of both sides of the outlet. Dryer was delivered wired for a 4 prong outlet.

Dryer spins, but no heat at all. Checked out all of the wiring, and it is all correct. (compared it to my father's at his house). Thought it might be the max amps of the box, but we tripped everything but the dryer breaker and still no heat.

Thought maybe it was the breaker, but we attached the wires to another 220volt breaker that feeds the oven, and still no heat.

I'm 99% positive it isn't the dryer, as this is the second one we have had. The first made loud clicking noises as well as not producing heat, so we had it replaced.

The only thing I am not 100% sure about is where the ground and the common wire hook into. I have them both going into the neutral bar in the box. My dad doesn't seem to think this makes a difference.

Anybody have any insight? Thanks in advance!