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Thread: Rotten Stud(s) Replacement and PVC Vent Line

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    Default Rotten Stud(s) Replacement and PVC Vent Line

    I think I had a roof leak that ran down the outside wall and rotted some studs, a piece of siding and some flooring. The picture shows the studs have an ABS vent line running thru them. There was also a leaky toilet and sink, maybe moisture got trapped in the wall from those leaks and the roof never leaked. You can also see where I cut of part of the outside floor joist that was rotten..maybe the rot "crept up the wall"? I really don't know.

    I would like advice on several things :

    1. I want to replace both studs (cripples) but I'm nervous about repairing the vent pipe because there isn't much room for "sliding things around". One stud is rotten and the other is OK (very little rot). Is a PVC dresser coupling OK and would it pass code for greater Seattle area? What about the rubber and shielded rubber couplings at Home Depot, etc.? On the other hand, I only have about 1/2" of wood on the outside edge of the studs (due to the hole in the center) so there isn't a lot of strength there and maybe the smart thing to do is just sister in some 2*4s on the bottom half of the rotten stud and call it good. You can see by the picture the studs aren't supporting anything right now....but I do want to fix it "right". I labeled the picture with A,B, etc. if that helps explain where to put what kinds of pipe fitting.

    2. I want to test for leaks before I close up the wall. I would run a hose on the roof for one test. I am curious if the vent line may be leaking somehow internally. If I run a hose, not full blast, into the sewer vent on the roof am I going to be a real sad guy in a few minutes? The vent line connects to two sinks and a toilet and runs into the soil line. Seems like the water I put in on the roof vent should just go into the sewer-soil line.

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    Rot will dry out and become fine. I would cut new 2x4ís and sister them up where you think there needed. I would not cut the ABS (it looks like ABS to me).

    LET it DRY out before closing up the wall.

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    A truely rotten stud has lost its strength. If it is merely wet, and rot hasn't started, then yes, it may be fine after it dries, but it will probably twist as it dries, so still might need to be replaced. If you can take a screwdriver and push it into the stud, replace it. If it is solid, you can chance it if you let it dry out. Hassle is, if it does twist as it dries, it can break out screws on drywall, or pop tile, etc.
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