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Thread: indoor composting toilets

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    Default indoor composting toilets

    I have just picked up Taunton Home New Bathroom Idea Book

    Unless, I read it wrong, on page 111 there is a picture of a composting toilet inside a bathroom. When I checked the Clivus Multrum site, they pictured their toilets outdoors in sheds.

    Is there another company that offers indoor composting toilets? Are they accepted under plumbing codes now?

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    There are some that incinerate the waste designed for indoors...maybe some other types, never really looked.
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    If you got a Trader Horn around you, they have the best prices. There are alot of different kinds. Most of the time, used for camps, as far as I know. But, who is to say.

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    Default Info on using Clivis composting toilets inside homes

    I have friends who have used these toilets in their homes for years-- and are very happy with them. In fact-- they sell and install them. I'm sure they can answer questions, even if you are not close enough to work together.

    contact: bhanson@nutricyclesystems.com


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